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Why are cars in the network? There are so many original role!

Writer: Time:2018-01-06 Clicks:186次


We will find that most cars have a net. As the saying goes, people depend on the saddlery for clothes and cars. The car is also called a grille. Car in the network is the front of the front of the air intake near the relevant components in general, can not only be understood as a network, and now most of the car standard paste in the network, the most typical is the Audi! Some cars in the beginning for intake enough to open holes in the hood, these cars are mostly high-power car, but this hole although the full intake, but the wind resistance is too large, and the noise is too large, slowly for comfort and Beautiful, improved for now like this.

1, the brand's symbol

Now the network has long been a symbol of the car brand, representing the identity of the car, each brand has its own characteristics in the network, such as the Bugatti collar, BMW's kidney nets, Rover chrome "teeth" , Dodge crossbar, Alfa Romeo's 6-cell shield, Volvo's strap in the net, Audi's relatively new single-box net and so on. In the network is often a unique shape elements, many brands use it as its main brand identity.

2, ventilation

The main role of the car network in the tank, engine, air conditioning, such as the intake ventilation. In automotive engineering in the network is used to cover the body in order to allow air to enter. Most vehicles have an undercarriage in the front, and other common ones are under the front bumper, in front of the wheels, in front of the cab for ventilation, or in the trunk lid, most of which are personalized.

3, the protective effect

The network can also prevent foreign objects in the car on the interior components of the destruction, such as leaves, or large objects, etc., to protect the radiator and the engine. At present, the metal mesh material mainly aviation aluminum as a substrate, because it is lighter than stainless steel substrate. But in fact, stainless steel is the best material, its corrosive and impact resistance are better than aviation aluminum. In the case of low user awareness, aviation aluminum is cheaper than stainless steel, so many manufacturers use aviation aluminum.

In the original network is to protect the engine, poor road conditions, a good impact of the network can make you more at ease. If the network in your car is just a decoration, you can install aviation aluminum or not installed in the network, but if you cherish their own car, hoping to worry about the process of driving small dots, stainless steel net is your best choice.

4, decorative effect

The network also played a decorative role, each brand of car network modeling are not the same, the beautiful network in the automotive beauty is also indispensable, there are a lot of car owners in order to make the car more beautiful will choose a more beautiful single replacement The network, such as shiny chrome in the net. There are many car owners to the car to replace the network is mainly to beautify the appearance of the car, highlighting their own personality; car network modification is very simple, the owner can buy according to their own preferences in the network, of course, choice in the network Must be consistent with the overall body shape, so that the car has a smooth and coherent, if the network is too independent will undermine the overall sense of the car, it seems uncoordinated.